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The bid opening meeting of Luyi County New Area Construction comprehensive business housing (outdoor road, hardening, greening, lighting) project was held on time at 09:30 a.m. on January 31, 2019 at Luyi County Public Resources Trading Center. Now the bid evaluation results are publicized as follows:

I Project Name: Luyi County New Area Construction of comprehensive business housing (outdoor roads, hardening, greening, lighting) project

II. Project number: Lugou (2018) No. 1241

III. 1. Bidding content: room, but at present, the products on the market are mixed, external roads, hardening, greening, lighting, etc. see the bidding documents for details

2. Bid section division: 1 bid section

IV. bid evaluation results

the first bid winner candidate: Henan Yunpeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

bid quotation: 63 yuan legal person: Wang Junmei contact:

address: yuewa, Zhuhu Town, Shangcai County

candidate for the second bid: Bozhou Xingli water conservancy construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.

bid quotation: 51 yuan legal person: Gong Biao contact:

address: No. 29, Lixin County People's government, Bozhou City, Anhui Province

candidate for the third bid: Henan Yuxin construction and installation Co., Ltd.

bid quotation: 60 yuan legal person: Jia Yanyan contact:

address real-time display torque and change angle: Southwest household village, 11/F, unit 4, building 49, golden harbor, No. 1 yard, Gangwan Road, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou City

v. members: Ma Chao, Zhang Kui, Zhang Xinzhong, Dong Shi, Wang Caiping

VI. The published media

at the same time in China procurement and bidding, Henan Province“"> in fact, there is not much production, which was published in Luyi County Public Resources Trading Center.

VII. Bidding agency service fee:

the charging standard stipulated in the national development and Reform Commission accounting price (2002) No. 1980 and the national development and Reform Commission price [2003] No. 857 2003/09/15 shall be paid by the bid winner to the bidding agency, and the charging amount: 40000 yuan only (¥ 40000.00 yuan)

if the parties concerned have any objection to the bid evaluation results, they can raise a query in writing to the tenderee or the bidding agency within 3 days from the date of publication of the bid evaluation results, and the legal representative or authorized client shall submit the duplicate of the enterprise business license and his/her identity card (original) (mailing and fax copies are not accepted), and the query content is sufficient and reasonable, The acceptance and confirmation date of the challenge letter shall be taken as the acceptance time. The challenge letter that is not submitted within the time limit or not submitted as required will not be accepted

VIII. Contact matters of this bidding

: Luyi County urban rural integration demonstration area construction office

contact person: Mr. Yuan

contact person:

agency: Jiangsu Dazhou Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.

contact person: Mr. Wang

contact person:

supervision department: Luyi County Public Resources Trading Management Committee Office

contact person:

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