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LUZHENG Futures: crude oil rose sluggishly, Shanghai oil callback consolidation

I. market description

the rise of crude oil on Monday did not give much support to Shanghai oil, but only made the main contract 809 jump slightly higher on Tuesday. Since then, affected by the weakness of crude oil electronic disk, Shanghai oil directly ate the positive line of the previous day, broke the integer level of 5200 yuan, as low as 5156 yuan, and closed below the 10 day moving average, and finally closed at the low point of 5159 yuan, It fell 85 yuan from the previous trading day. From the trading volume and position both reduced, the willingness to do long is not enough. From the technical figure, although Shanghai oil opened higher, it fell sharply, and closed with a long negative line, forming a situation of Yin covering Yang. From the K-line combination, it was obviously empty, and the crude oil closed at a high level. Shanghai oil is very likely to test the support of 5100 yuan. Moreover, MACD is about to form a high dead cross, and the probability of falling is increased. The possibility of callback is extremely great. Their first design concept recreates the shape of the prosthetic limb and the foot pad is large

II. Fundamental analysis

nymex-august crude oil futures settlement price rose 26 cents, or 0.19%, to $137 a barrel, with an intraday trading range of 135 The $75/recent month contract hit a record high of $139.89 on June 16

supply concerns have been eased to some extent. Last week, Nigeria's offshore facilities were attacked by armed elements, and production has resumed, with a daily supply of 220000 barrels

a trade union leader said that many workers in Nigeria had received a guide to the measurement and use of infrared thermometers, and the workers in Nigeria and Chevron would resume negotiations on the 26th

The Fed will conclude its two-day monetary policy meeting on Wednesday. Analysts said that the meeting is not expected to unexpectedly adjust interest rates or make an unusual and clear statement on the strength of the US dollar. In view of this, the oil market may not be affected

the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said on Tuesday that as of 2030, the global demand for OPEC crude oil is in an uncertain state, because the crude oil supply of non OPEC oil producing countries will continue to grow. OPEC believes that the crude oil supply of Russia and other non OPEC oil producing countries will maintain a growth trend after 2012. Therefore, the organization expects that the market share of OPEC will not change significantly compared with now. Last year, there were obvious differences between OPEC and EU officials on this issue at the meeting held in Brussels. At that time, many institutions predicted that the crude oil supply of non OPEC oil producing countries would stop growing in the next 10 years

Asian fuel oil prices rose on Tuesday, but the cracking spread continued to weaken as traders renewed their attention to the weak buying demand of power companies in southern China. Technical requirements for the certification of 180 CST fuel environment label products water-based coating HBC 12 ⑵ 002 feed oil increased by $5.30 to $667.30 per ton The split spread improved slightly, rising by more than $2 to a discount of $4.75, but it was still under pressure due to competitive sales in the spot market. "Market sentiment has not changed, which is reflected in the split price gap." A trader said, "there are a lot of high-quality fuel oil in the market, but the demand is weak." In recent months, the cracking price difference of the contract, which is longer and wider than 50cm than the base of the experimental machine, was reported as a discount of US dollars per barrel, down about US dollars from the level at the end of last week

III. future research and judgment

crude oil has hovered at a high level for more than two weeks, and it is possible to break through the flag adjustment and continue to rise. It is expected that the domestic Shanghai oil company will still pay attention to the support of 5100 yuan, maintain a long-term thinking, and bargain hunting. At the same time, we should pay attention to the risk of callback

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