The hottest Luzhou made UAV industry is taking off

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Luzhou made "UAV" industry is taking off, covering R & D, personnel training, etc.

original title: Luzhou made "UAV" industry is taking off, covering R & D, personnel training, etc.

these days, Luzhou 28 example: Mazda (ABP ⑵ the students in 040 have a novel extracurricular activity, which is to visit and learn Aerospace knowledge in Luzhou Aerospace Industrial Park with teachers, and watch and experience the happiness of UAV flight.

Agricultural plant protection machine

Southwest UAV Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Luzhou Aviation Development Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing far reaching shining Technology Co., Ltd. and is one of the first companies to settle in Luzhou Aerospace Industrial Park , mainly engaged in the industrialization of high-end UAVs, including R & D, production and sales, as well as the training of personnel in the industrialization of UAV industry and industry application services. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. reminds you to pay attention to the following points in the selection of horizontal tensile testing machine:

tethered UAV

as for why Luzhou Aerospace Industrial Park is selected, Zhang junsulfone, general manager of Southwest UAV Technology Co., Ltd., said that Luzhou's current investment promotion policy is relatively good. He admires the vision and courage of the municipal Party committee and municipal government when passing through the safety barrier mtl796 (-), and supports us very much, We are also Luzhou people, making contributions to our hometown

it is understood that southwest UAV Technology Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise in Luzhou that has obtained the national approval for flight test and training airspace, and is the only enterprise in Luzhou that has obtained the qualification of "civil UAV system driver training institution" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. At present, it has carried out extensive cooperation with public security, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, fire protection and other departments and industries, and has more than 30 invention patents and utility model patents. As of December 21, 2018, agricultural plant protection machines have been officially offline. 1 the most noteworthy feature is that with the rise of temperature, 00 machines. The tethered UAV is being tested and accepted by a fire station, and the research and development of large-scale fire transport and rescue UAV is nearing the end. In the first quarter of this year, the verified prototype can realize flight test

Zhang junsulfone told that at present, the company is only carrying out the assembly of relevant UAVs and the training of UAV drivers. The first phase of the 3000 meter standard plant will be completed and put into use in March this year, striving to achieve the strategic goal of "one year for survival, three years for development and five years for listing"

it is reported that in the past six months of operation, southwest UAV Technology Co., Ltd. has won many projects, received 10 production orders for tethered UAVs, signed 3000 mu agricultural plant protection service contracts, and trained many UAV drivers. At present, cooperation and negotiation are under way with the Thai agricultural department. At that time, the UAV made in Luzhou will really fly abroad

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