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The 2015 new product launch of Deji machinery was held during the BMW exhibition

the 2015 new product launch of Deji machinery was held during the BMW exhibition

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on November 26, 2014, the new product launch of the integrated asphalt mixture recycling and mixing equipment of Deji machinery was held in the E7 Hall of Bauma China 2014. Professor Sun Zuwang, the leader of China's construction machinery industry, Professor Jiao Shengjie, the doctoral supervisor of Chang'an University, and Luo Zehua, the Deputy Secretary General of the pavement and compaction machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, attended the press conference. Also participating in the press conference were Cai Qunli, general manager of Deji machinery, Liu Jingzhi, executive deputy general manager, and Liu Jinzhi, deputy general manager and general manager of the marketing center. Zhao Xiongzhi, chief engineer of Deji machinery and executive deputy director of the R & D center, introduced the respective characteristics of Deji machinery asphalt mixture recycling and mixing equipment, foam asphalt equipment and oil, natural gas and pulverized coal Trinity burners

new product launch of Deji machinery in 2015

new product launch of Deji machinery in 2015

in the guest speech session, the guests introduced the development trend of road construction equipment industry in terms of multiple tensile tests of materials, which are to clamp samples (or products) by clamps to apply force to samples, and affirmed the achievements of Deji machinery in recent years. Professor Jiao Shengjie highly recognized that Deji machinery successfully created the national brand image of "Deji machinery" with the business philosophy of "building a national brand and casting world quality", specialized and focused, based on China and participating in the international market, and that Deji machinery broke the monopoly of foreign brands in the high-end market of asphalt mixing equipment in China. Later, he also pointed out that with the continuous penetration of information technology and environmental protection and energy conservation technology into the field of road construction machinery, a new round of technological upgrading and industrial revolution characterized by intelligence, integration and energy conservation will inevitably be triggered. The "integral" asphalt mixture recycling and mixing equipment of Deji machinery, asphalt foaming device for warm mixing and oil, gas and coal multi-purpose burner all-in-one machine can be described as an example of road construction robots at this stage in promoting the accelerated development, promotion and application of high-efficiency, environmental protection and energy-saving technology

Deji machinery 2015 new product launch

subsequently, Secretary General Luo made a profound analysis of the industry situation: "First of all, on behalf of the road compaction branch of the Construction Machinery Association, I would like to congratulate Deji machinery. I would like to briefly share with you the current highway construction and the forms faced by our industry. By the end of 2014, the total mileage of highways in China will exceed 108000 kilometers. Compared with the national highway development plan, we can see that the new roads in the future have been relatively limited. Obviously, in the face of the completed 1 Today, we are facing a very important maintenance equipment market for 8000 kilometers of highways. Just now, general manager Cai Qunli said that in the past two years, traffic management departments from the national level to all prefectures and cities have paid high attention to highway construction and maintenance, especially in the field of highway regeneration. In 2010, the "12th Five Year Plan" highway maintenance and management development outline released by the Ministry of transport mentioned a very key data, that is, by 2015, the recycling rate of waste asphalt pavement materials of expressway will reach 90%. However, only three months after the release, the utilization rate was increased to 100%. In such an environment, the whole maintenance market will pay attention to renewable equipment to a new height. I think the efforts and innovations made by Deji machinery in this direction will be responded by the market. I hope that today's new starting point of Deji can face the broader road maintenance market and achieve better results

finally, Professor Sun Zuwang, the leader of the road construction machinery industry, made a speech on the stage: "highway construction in China is now entering a new period. In the past, our highway development pursued speed, which was an extensive development model that did not hesitate to sacrifice the environment. Today, from the perspective of the national basic national policy, our highway construction model should be guided by sustainable development. In recent years, you can see that more and more" green " Roads, "green" equipment, "green" technology, all of which represent changes in our national guidelines. In the "green" construction technology of highway construction, mixing equipment plays a very important role in implementing the concept of sustainable development, because the emission and energy consumption of asphalt mixture mixing equipment are relatively large. In the whole construction process, the mixing equipment consumes most of the energy. The total installed capacity of a device may even exceed 1000 kW, and the amount of fuel consumed per hour is calculated in tons. Such a large energy consumption, How to implement "green" "The road construction policy of sustainable development is that the mixing equipment must face the practical problem that there is no fundamental change in the situation of reconciling the dependence on imports of a large number of key materials. Just now, chief engineer Zhao Xiongzhi introduced to you the new achievements made by Deji machinery in the mixture regeneration equipment, which has reached the goal of reducing emissions and saving children for more than 100000 times. We will be the first to know the goal of about energy consumption. The fuel day launched by Deji machinery Natural gas pulverized coal burner is a good technology. In addition, there are some important "green" technologies that need to be implemented by mixing equipment, such as warm mixing technology and regeneration technology introduced by general manager Zhao Gang, which are very important technologies conducive to the sustainable development of the industry. The integrated asphalt mixture recycling and mixing equipment launched by Deji machinery this time solves the problems of traditional recycling equipment in installation and commissioning, drying drum efficiency, fuel versatility and economy. I think this new product of Deji machinery will play a greater and better role in the construction and maintenance of asphalt roads in China. "

after the meeting, the leaders of Deji machinery took a group photo with the guests to jointly witness the birth of new products. Compared with the traditional recycling equipment, the integrated asphalt mixture recycling and mixing equipment is a revolutionary product. It adopts a new concept for design, solves various technical problems in the mixing process of waste asphalt mixture, promotes the asphalt mixture recycling and mixing equipment to a new height, and also becomes an important milestone in the development of similar products in the industry

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