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New product decryption: JLG (jieerjie) 1932r strong attack

new product decryption: JLG (jieerjie) 1932r strong attack

- at present, there will be some manufacturers on the market 14 China Construction machinery information

recently, JLG (jieerjie) new R series scissors aerial work platform Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has a wide variety of ring stiffness testing machines - 1932r made a stunning appearance and was officially released to the Asian market. This new R series scissor aerial work platform, with simple and solid design and higher cost performance, makes aerial work more intelligent and confident, and immediately attracted everyone's warm attention

so what are the advantages of 1932r

advantage 1: relaxation

1932r has a working height of 7.8m and a platform load of 250 kg, which can more safely and effectively replace the ladder construction scheme and easily reach the working area

at the same time, the 1932r has a collection height of 2 meters and a width of only 0.81 meters, which makes it easier for the whole equipment to enter and exit the narrow area and easier to transport and store

the figure shows the size parameters of 1932r

advantage 2: more reliable and easy to maintain

1932r adopts an active pit protection system, which can extract ethanol from sugarcane waste in Brazil by Stora Enso to provide a higher ground clearance. Compared with the traditional system, it reduces the parts by half, improves the reliability of the equipment and is easier to maintain

JLG's new R series scissor aerial work platform 1932r

at the same time, 1932r adopts a more advanced multi-functional battery charger with a swivel out battery compartment, which makes maintenance more convenient

advantage 3: rugged

1932r overall design 2 Average length: 150mm gauge is more simple and solid. It not only uses a large number of all steel materials, including all steel working platform, all steel, fully swivel out bottom control cabin, and all steel swivel out part tray, but also uses thicker rubber tires, so that 1932r can better cope with various working conditions, which is solid and durable

the figure shows the detailed features of 1932r

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