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New products: Germany has developed sunscreen smart glass

according to the report of the franhoff society of Germany, the traditional technology of breaking the traditional three-layer coextrusion double-sided stretching hot film, scientists of the Institute of polymer applications of the society have developed smart sunscreen glass, which can greatly reduce the cooling cost of glass buildings

after repeated research, the scientists of the polymer Application Research Institute have worked with tilse glass company in Germany, development "When we try to use polyurethane foam with graphene and other carbon materials as raw materials, we have produced sunscreen glass with self-regulation ability. This kind of glass will darken by itself, which can isolate% of the solar heat, but after darkening, there is still enough light penetration to keep the room bright.

the manufacturing of this kind of glass follows the principle of sandwich, and a resin film containing polymer microcapsules is sandwiched between the two layers of glass. In order to obtain expectations For the effect and best product, experts first need to study the optical active components and resin matrix, and then the fixation of thermochromic casting resin system to convert the resistance change into the voltage output process. The final result is impressive: when the temperature reaches a certain height, the sandwich glass changes from transparent to fuzzy, blocking the heat, and the incoming light is scattered. This process can be reversed: once the temperature drops, the calorific value layer will return to its original state, and the window glass will become transparent again. Above is the contrast between the single column tensile machine and the double column tensile machine. This product is now available on the market

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