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The new president of ABB (China) announced that China has become the company's largest market

on March 9, 2007, the new chairman and President of ABB (China) Co., Ltd. keruisi said at the press conference: in 2006, the company's total orders and sales in China reached US $3.1 billion and US $2.8 billion respectively. The "structural foam" structure can use various materials including plastic and synthetic materials. In terms of sales, China has actually become SMM news: June 6 is the largest market of ABB group

abb's achievements in oil delivery valves today are due to the continuous growth of China's economy and the strong market demand for efficiency, energy conservation, electrical stability and industrial productivity technologies. In 2006, ABB's orders and sales in China increased by 26% and 19% year-on-year respectively. Chris pointed out that these achievements are consistent with ABB's development strategy in China, that is, to maintain an annual organic growth rate of 20%, increase investment and maintain a healthy development trend

in addition, cress also pointed out: "as the largest market of ABB group, we will continue to expand the scale of local enterprises, introduce more advanced technologies, and constantly accelerate the pace of local innovation." He added: "ABB has been cooperating with China for a hundred years since 1907. We are confident that this win-win cooperative relationship will continue to develop for a long time."

Corus, a French, has a degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in material engineering from the Federal University of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. He began his ABB career in 1994 by opening different capacities in ABB's distribution transformer department in secheron, and has held many senior positions so far. Since 2004, crest has been the head of ABB's global transformers. He took over from Lu Yipu in January, 2007. Lu Yipu has been promoted to a member of the Executive Committee of ABB group and head of the global power system business department

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