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The articles of association of the national commodity packaging science and Technology Information Center Station

Chapter 1 General Provisions Article 1 the national commodity packaging science and technology information center station is an administrative institution under the direct leadership of the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Commerce and under the jurisdiction of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Article 2 centering on commercial modernization and the development of various industries, the whole station adheres to the purpose of investigation and research, transmitting information, promoting reform, training talents and the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, and actively develops special investigation and information transmission activities of scientific and technological information of commodity packaging, so as to serve the improvement of packaging, convenience of circulation, reduction of losses, improvement of efficiency, and promotion of the standardization and modernization of commodity packaging in China. Chapter II task Article 3 collect information and physical photos of domestic and foreign packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging decoration, packaging machinery, packaging technology, packaging standardization, etc., understand the level and trend of domestic and foreign packaging technology development, provide information for relevant departments to send control signals to servo valves for packaging technology research, and strengthen packaging management. Article 4 carry out special investigation and Research on commodity packaging, reflect existing problems, provide suggestions for improvement, and promote the continuous and in-depth development of packaging reform. Article 5 strengthen cooperation with standards and scientific research departments at all levels to promote the standardization of commodity packaging. Sixth, nowadays, aluminum alloy cable technology plays an increasingly important role in the practice of building a resource-saving society with aluminum and copper, which is vigorously promoted by the state, in the field of medium and low-voltage power distribution. Article 7 organize experience exchanges, achievement promotion meetings, develop technology markets, and do a good job in service. Article 7 use various ways to train packaging scientific and technological talents. Article 8 strengthen information exchange and do a good job in information management. Article 9 actively participate in relevant activities organized by packaging technology associations at all levels. Article 10 complete the tasks assigned by the leading department as long as it is reasonable (1) harmonics cause additional harmonic consumption of electrical components in the electricity. Chapter III Organization Article 11 this website is under the leadership of the Department of science and technology of the Ministry of Commerce. Article 12 the office location of this station is located at No. 906, Zhongshan Avenue, Wuhan. Article 13 the personnel relationship of this website is under the jurisdiction of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions Article 14 the amendment of this articles of association must be discussed by the leading group/

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