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New product express | Deco TTB alcohol white tile adhesive is on the market

new product express | Deco TTB alcohol white tile adhesive is on the market

November 2, 2018

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this October, the Deco ceramic tile glue family, once again, added new members. The package is beautiful and the appearance is high. Take apart an aluminum alloy and look surprised by its excellent performance! A new product in Guangzhou - Deco TTB alcohol white tile adhesive is on the market

the actual stress of Degao TTB alcohol white porcelain is increasing, and the brick glue is made of natural mineral raw materials and modified polymers. Compared with the traditional cement mortar, the construction is convenient, and the thin paste can effectively save space consumption

traditional ceramic tile paving materials are mostly dark. When they are used to pave natural stone on the wall and ground of light colored ceramic tiles, the overall effect will be affected due to the problem of color seepage

TTB alcohol white ceramic tile adhesive newly launched by Degas can effectively solve the problem of color seepage when light color combined with high-precision sensor ceramic tiles are paved with natural stones on the wall and ground. It can achieve alcohol white and no color seepage, and the effect is better

the color of the product is mellow white, elegant and fresh. As a tile paving material, it has the function of white caulking, saving time and effort, and reaching the goal in one step

10-year warranty of worry free tiling system

ttb alcohol white tile glue, together with Degao back glue and tile glue, is constructed according to Degao's technical specifications, that is, Degao worry free tiling system, which can enjoy a 10-year warranty! The full compensation for brick falling will make you more comfortable to live

when choosing tile adhesive, don't forget to consider its environmental performance. Degao TTB alcohol white tile adhesive has obtained the French a+ certification, which is green and environmental protection, and the whole family can live at ease. Hurry to the big Degao franchised stores in Guangzhou and try this beauty strength pie in person

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