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The 2011 sew China new product launch conference was held at 10 a.m. on July 15, the 2011 sew China new product launch conference was grandly held in its plant located in the seventh street of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone. Leaders from Tianjin municipal government, Binhai New Area and Development Zone and guests from more than 100 enterprises across the country attended the press conference. The press conference showed the latest scientific research achievements and enterprise development achievements of sew China, and the atmosphere was hot and the response was strong

German sew group is a large multinational company with a history of 100 years, specializing in the production of speed reducers and frequency conversion control equipment, and its technical level and market share are in the leading position in the world. Sew China has been stationed in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone since 1995. With the enterprise philosophy of pursuing excellence and excellence, sew China is determined to forge ahead and continue to develop. At present, sew China has become a "company" with 12 companies, 9 factories and even several 10mm in China; Long cracks rdquo A large group company with more than 40 technical service offices. Sew company is recognized by the majority of domestic customers for its technological progressiveness, high-quality service guarantee system and competitive advantages of localized manufacturing. It has become the preferred product for national key projects. Seizing business opportunities in 2008, more than 1000 sets of transmission equipment used in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games were designated by relevant units of the Olympic Organizing Committee to be exclusively provided by sew China. Sew China, as the largest transmission equipment supplier in China, has become a bright banner of China's machinery manufacturing industry

this press conference not only has sew China launched a number of new reducer products synchronously with Europe, but also launched a number of new products jointly developed by sew China R & D center and German R & D Center for the Chinese market, which are widely used in power energy, iron and steel metallurgy, coal mining, port construction, automotive industry, building materials machinery, chemical handle adhesion, environmental protection Light industry and other major industrial fields. Its technical level represents the highest level in the field of reducer manufacturing in the world today

Since entering the Chinese market, sew China has been committed to keeping pace with the advanced technology of more than 300 European new material industry enterprises. While inheriting the rigorous and excellence tradition of German precision machinery manufacturing industry, sew China has always put the localization of talents first in developing high-quality products with advanced technology and meeting the personalized needs of customers according to the actual situation of the Chinese market, Provide the best working conditions for the R & D team, and give full trust and free development space. At present, sew's R & D center in China has more than 100 R & D technicians, and the various products developed have filled many gaps at home and abroad, which has also impressed foreign peers. Most of the products displayed in this press conference are the latest research results of this research and development team. The segmented large gear ring and reducer for large planetary scraper have brought huge economic benefits to customers with their precision and high reliability. Once they are put on the market, they are immediately welcomed by domestic customers. The products released in this event not only include mechanical products applied in the industrial field, but also show modern logistics transportation systems and electric vehicle Contactless charging systems that represent the highest scientific and technological level in Europe, which represent the future development direction of sew China: that is, from a single reducer supplier to a system integration supplier

The spokesman of sew China said that sew China introduced the most advanced transmission technology into the Chinese market. After more than ten years of development in the Chinese market, it has been widely recognized by customers. Sew China will continue to develop new products according to the market demand of various application industries in China. Relying on the historical opportunity of the rapid development of Binhai New Area, we will continue to work hard, Combine the advanced technology of Germany with the wisdom and creativity of China, especially the thoughts and pursuits of a generation of young people, offer the best products to the market and provide personalized services to customers. Make important contributions to the industrial upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry

although the reducer is small, it drives the whole world. Sew China hopes to make advantages and differences through its own efforts and keep improving on the road of development

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