The hottest new product Lingong lg75f wheel excava

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The heavy new Lingong lg75f wheel excavator is about to shock

the new heavy product Lingong lg75f wheeled excavator is about to shock

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the beginning of 2020 is doomed to be no longer ordinary under the cover of the COVID-19. However, with the stable Evonik of epidemic prevention and control and scientific resumption of work entering the display market, the forward pace of Lingong group has not been "suspended" by the epidemic, but is accumulating energy and brewing big moves. On March 10, Lingong group will sweep away the current haze of the epidemic, and launch new products heavily - which will affect the performance and service life of the whole machine - Lingong construction machine lg75f wheeled excavator, overcome difficulties with engineering robots, and achieve the victory of the double battles of epidemic prevention and control and economic production

at present, domestic rotary excavation manufacturing enterprises have great shortcomings in R & D capacity, manufacturing experience, quality assurance and customer service. However, with the increasing irreplaceable of rotary excavation under specific working conditions, the market predicts that the demand for rotary excavation will increase by more than 10% in the next few years. Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., as a rotating excavation brand under Lingong group, will become the leader of domestic rotating excavation technology and continue to create cost-effective rotating excavation products. Lg75f is a cost-effective 7-ton tire excavator independently developed by Lingong group based on market demand and full investigation of domestic user needs, integrating many advantageous resources. And with the launch of new products, the product line of temporary construction machinery wheel excavation will be expanded to cover 7-12 tons

As a mainstream agricultural excavator model, lg75f wheel excavator has the characteristics of advanced technology, excellent performance, energy conservation and efficiency, reliability and durability, comfortable operation, convenient maintenance and so on. It can be widely used in farmland water conservancy construction, road construction, construction workers and even in fine grained land, wood loading and unloading, sugarcane loading and unloading and other working conditions

Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a rotating brand of Lingong group. It always puts the concept of "reliable bearing and heavy trust" throughout the whole product life cycle. At the same time, it integrates the comprehensive strength of Lingong group, with the help of Technology (the group has a national technology center and has mature design experience in small excavation), capital (the group's financial leasing platform), channels (installation, excavation, small installation channels), manufacturing (lean production mode and rich experience in excavator manufacturing) The six core advantages of supporting (small excavation of the world's mature supporting system) and brand (group product first brand value influence and brand promotion experience) help the temporary construction machinery wheel excavation products to take a high starting point, high standard and high quality route

the shocking listing of lg75f wheel excavator of Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. will certainly become a dazzling new star in the wheel excavation industry, build a better development platform for construction machinery agents, and provide customers with more reliable products and high-quality services. "Reliability comes from strength, quality leads the future"

March 10

lg75f is about to shock.

please look forward to it

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