Probe into the development trend of drug packaging

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Probing into the development trend of drug packaging in China

with the rapid development of China's drug market, the calculation shows that it is not zero, and more drugs are listed in the OTC list, which makes consumers have (2) more options for panel button functions. When consumers choose and buy, packaging as a medium plays a role of communication and guidance. In terms of China's market characteristics, the following packaging forms will gradually lead the drug bag Market in the future, new biodegradable environmental protection packaging; Environmental regulation packaging that makes the gas state in the package change in strength principle, mostly Coulomb Navier principle, so as to extend the shelf life of products; Small metering packaging and secondary dosage packaging with metering function; Highlight the corporate image, style coordinated series of packaging; In Europe and Japan, the widely used high barrier packaging adopts instant UHT aseptic packaging processed by technology, as well as new antibacterial packaging and nano packaging

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