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Abstract: This paper aims to study the definition of the so-called "intelligent residential district", distinguish the concept, analyze the current situation, so as to unify understanding and promote the healthy development of green intelligent residential district. This paper mainly expounds the concept of "intelligent residential district", and gives the application of "green" technology in intelligent residential district on the basis of analyzing the existing intelligent residential district. The paper also expounds the current situation of intelligent buildings and the guidance of further control. The contents are: (1) the development background of intelligent residential district; (2) Intelligent residential area; (3) System analysis of intelligent residential district; (4) The current problems and implementation orientation of intelligent residential areas; (5) The development direction of intelligent residential district in the 21st century

key words: intelligent building development background development trend 1. Intelligent residential community development background 1. Development trend with the continuous development of China's national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the life of urban residents is gradually moving forward from food and clothing type to well-off type. Living in a safe, comfortable, quiet and fast information transmission living environment is the dream of many people. With the advent of the 21st century, we are in an era of information revolution and knowledge economy. Housing should develop towards meeting the functional requirements of life, office, education, entertainment, reception, fitness, parking and so on. People put forward higher requirements for the comfort and convenience of life. Therefore, the transportation of intelligent residential areas has good economic and social benefits. Home is the basic unit of human society. How to build this unit reflects the scientific and technological development level of the times to a certain extent. In today's world, with the rapid development of information and communication technology, computer network technology and modern control technology, it has brought us new ideas and bright prospects to create a modern home condition. Under the guidance of the 2000 well-off urban and rural housing technology industry project document issued by the national science and Technology Commission and the Ministry of construction, well-off housing demonstration communities are being built all over the country. How to meet the requirements of well-off housing, people expanded from the field of modern intelligent building technology to form a new concept of "intelligent housing", which was soon put into practice and applied, thus promoting the new concepts of "intelligent square", "intelligent community" and so on. 2. The background of "intellectualization" on the one hand, at the beginning of the 21st century, China's residential areas will face a new situation, because China's residential areas will also preserve the characteristics of community living, but at the same time, the residential environment and conditions of the residential areas have the requirements of "Personalization", "leisure" and "office", and require higher communication and property services, higher entertainment and consumption needs, and higher performance price ratio; In addition, with the rapid development of computer technology, modern communication technology and automatic control technology, intelligent building came into being in developed countries, and then formed a boom in various countries. China has also introduced this new technology, and intelligent community is expanded and extended under the basic meaning of intelligent building and the concept of comprehensive wiring Campus (comput net). 2、 What is intelligent residential district? What are the basic conditions? What are the evaluation conditions? Generally, the conditions of qualified residential quarters are: 1 The quality of residential buildings in the community, that is, their architectural planning functions and institutions; 2. The convenience of the internal traffic of the community and the connection between the community and the city and the outside traffic; The above is the introduction to the operation process of the tensile testing machine and the classification of sensors shared by you. 3 The internal and surrounding environment of the community, including the internal and external green layout and human environment; 4. The community can provide residents with improved property services. For intelligent residential area, it should first be a qualified residential area with the above living conditions. Then, it can meet the following technical conditions in terms of intelligent functions: 1 Residents in the community have home bus; 2. There is a management center in the community. Through this center, the property department can provide services to all households in the community and establish a community local area network (intranet) framework; 3. Residents in the community can easily communicate with the outside world (through broadband access in different regions and Internet connection of wide area computers); 4. Effectively control the community facilities (security, equipment, fire protection, etc.). In my opinion, intellectualization in the real sense should have a control center like the human brain, and can carry out fuzzy recognition and operation control according to the irregular behavior of the controlled object, so as to realize the optimal control scheme. In addition, there should be a fairly perfect perception and execution system in the intelligent house, which still needs the progress of technology. At present, we can only do operations such as alarm and meter reading. All regions also have their own choices according to their economic development level. The intelligent community is divided into three levels according to its supporting hardware facilities. Therefore, the construction of intelligent housing should be based on the principles of economy, practicality, safety and comfort, without excessive pursuit of grade, and strive to achieve the goals of complete functions, supporting facilities until there is a characteristic gap perpendicular to the stretching direction, advanced technology, beautiful environment and moderate advance. It is a smart house that conforms to China's national conditions. The basic task of intelligent residential district is to use the principles of architectural planning and design to obtain the maximum unity of safety, comfort and convenience of the residential district with the minimum investment, and fully integrate, utilize and coordinate the internal and external environment of the residential district through intelligent design, so as to increase the function of the residence, improve the quality of the residence and improve the grade of the residence. The research object of intelligent residential district planning and design is to optimize the organic overall strategy of integrating the building function and intelligent function of the residential district on the platform of the internal and external environment of the residential district. Intelligent residential district planning is a new development of residential district building planning, and it is also the embodiment of the building planning principle of people-oriented in the information age. 3、 System analysis of intelligent residential quarter 1. Security system ⑴. Perimeter anti crossing function set up active infrared alarm detectors, electric pulse barriers and other alarm detection devices around the closed managed residential quarter, and connect them with the host computer of the residential quarter management center, so as to find illegal cross-border people in time. The residential area management center can display the alarm section and alarm time in real time. 4. Taking refinement, concreteness and operability as the basic principle of the preparation of the guide, it can automatically record and save the alarm information. (2) the closed-circuit television monitoring function of the community sets cameras at each entrance and exit, parking lot and elevator car of the community every day

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