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Deng Jinming, vice chairman of "ABC" brand: Pathfinder of health care products

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the 2019 "Foshan backbone enterprise" and "Foshan Dacheng entrepreneur" publicity conference was held not long ago, and the list of publicity objects of "Foshan backbone enterprise" and "Foshan Dacheng entrepreneur" in 2019 was announced. Dengjinming, one of the founders and vice chairman of Guangdong Jingxing health care industry Co., Ltd., is one of the publicity objects of "Foshan Dacheng entrepreneur"

consumers may not be familiar with "Jingxing". But when it comes to "ABC", it is almost a household name. Jingxingjianhu, the brand of "ABC", has two founders, who are affectionately called "a Deng" and "B Deng" by the outside world, and "B Deng" is Deng Jinming, a native of Nanhai. Over the past 21 years, Deng Jinming has adhered to industry and deeply cultivated in the field of health; Aim at the pain points of consumers and constantly develop new products; Keep improving, stick to quality, and lead Jingxing's brands into the top three in the segmentation field

selected markets

promote high-quality products

the time goes back to 1998. With the continuous improvement of living standards, women's awareness of health care continues to improve, and the penetration rate of female hygiene products is getting higher and higher. However, hushubao and jiaoshuang have occupied most of the domestic market of female hygiene products, and the remaining small brands are of poor quality and have little market

at this time, Deng Jinming was brewing entrepreneurship. He recalled: "I set the direction of consumer goods at that time. What kind of consumer goods can not be affected by seasons, weather and other factors? Female hygiene products!" Choosing the field of entrepreneurship is only the first step. What kind of products to make and what kind of business model to choose have become another barrier in front of Deng Jinming

Deng Jinming, who is keen on the market, predicts that Chinese female consumers will continue to improve their requirements for the functionality, comfort and health of female hygiene products. "We must be a medium and high-end market to meet consumers' personalized needs for product concept, product comfort and so on."

Deng Jinming, vice chairman of Guangdong Jingxing health care industry Co., Ltd.

at present, China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. Deng Jinming believes that Jingxing adheres to R & D and innovation and promotes high-quality sanitary products, which is to take the road of high-quality development. "Only by stepping on the drum of the times can we stand more and more stable in the market." According to the latest data, in 2018, Jingxing and its wholly-owned subsidiaries won the honorary title of "enterprise with tax payment of more than 50million" in Nanhai District, with a total tax payment of more than 100 million

aim at the pain points

meet consumer needs

at the beginning of the 20th century, when Deng Jinming went out to talk about business, he saw female staff busy signing bills at their desks DSM – bright lighter living (colorful technology. He found that women do not wash their hands before going to the bathroom to use sanitary napkins during physiological period. "Documents with 253044907020 carry a large number of bacteria. Women are already vulnerable during physiological period, so they are more likely to be infected?" Deng Jinming thought at that time, can we produce a sanitary napkin with antibacterial ability

later, Jing Xing conducted a large number of market research and found that in addition to health problems, women often feel irritable and sultry during their physiological period. To this end, Jingxing has specially launched kms health formula, adding antibacterial effect to sanitary napkins, and bringing a refreshing and cool feeling. This formula has been used until now after many improvements

this is an epitome of Jingxing's adherence to consumer demand-oriented research and development. Deng Jinming said frankly, "we Jingxing don't produce what products we have, but first study what products consumers need, and then develop products."

Jingxing research found that the poor permeability of sanitary napkins has been plagued by female consumers. Deng Jinming led the R & D team to introduce blue chip design to accelerate penetration and quickly lead the industry trend. He recalled: "at that time, I learned from the ideas of leather goods, clothing and other industries, combined with the needs to improve production equipment, and finally successfully introduced the blue chip into sanitary napkins."

blue chip is a kind of high-quality diversion material, which can quickly guide the liquid on the surface of sanitary napkins into the interior of sanitary napkins. Conventional electronic universal data testing machine is selected. This kind of testing machine is the absorption layer of the mainstream products of today's universal data testing machine, so as to ensure that the surface of sanitary napkins is dry. Zhang Weiming, chairman of Guangdong Xinglian Technology Co., Ltd., commented on Deng Jinming's innovation ability: "he is a very active person who is good at connecting irrelevant things. More than 3/4 of all are hot-air plastic granulators so that he can continue to innovate."

it is with the entrepreneurial spirit of daring to be the first and keen to innovate that Deng Jinming led Jingxing to innovate constantly and promote the high-quality development of Jingxing. Many innovations, such as "easy to pull sticker" aluminum film packaging, tea tree essence formula, natural cotton sanitary napkins, have made Jingxing popular with consumers in the market. In the final analysis, it is because Jingxing meets the growing needs of consumers for a better life

quality is king

winning by word-of-mouth communication

word-of-mouth communication requires strong confidence, and Jingxing's confidence comes from the strict control of product quality. Taking the research and development of pure cotton sanitary napkins as an example, in order to ensure the reliability of raw materials, Deng Jinming went to the United States, Japan, Xinjiang and other places to investigate the planting of cotton production bases. "I'm a farmer and have inherent advantages in judging materials. I want to choose the best cotton as raw materials in the world and ensure the reliability of product quality from the raw material link."

in terms of marketing, Jingxing also takes an unusual path. When consumers approach the supermarket, different from ordinary salespeople who promote products at the beginning, Jingxing's sales strategy is to gossip with consumers first and leave consumers in Jingxing's sales area first. "We are confident that as long as consumers understand Jingxing's products, they will buy them." Deng Jinming said that relying on word-of-mouth, ABC brand products have developed rapidly in the domestic market

consumers need to be cultivated -- this is Deng Jinming's idea. Therefore, Jingxing adopts gradual ground promotion to consciously carry out consumer education in enterprises and business districts, not only for female consumer users, but also for male users

Jing Xing also cooperated with the United Nations Development Programme to carry out public welfare activities to go into remote areas and improve women's awareness of health care. Guohuazhong, President of Guicheng business care association and chairman of Guangdong Ruizhou Technology Co., Ltd., said, "as an entrepreneur, Deng Jinming is philanthropic, not only leading the company to participate in charity, but also conducting charity activities in his own name."

nowadays, the four brands "ABC", "free", "ABC 'SBB" and "EC" under Jingxing are independent of each other and carry out differentiated operations with clear positioning. Among them, "ABC" ranks among the top three domestic sanitary napkin brands in market share, and free series has also become a senior brand familiar to consumers

circle of friends

Deng Jinming is a wise man. He grasped the pulse of the times and looked at problems thoroughly. In addition to diligence, he has superb management skills and is able to deal with a large number of work affairs every day. He has a strong sense of society and actively contributes to public welfare and charity—— Zhang Weiming, chairman of Guangdong Xinglian Technology Co., Ltd.

Deng Jinming is farsighted and caring. He actively participated in the activities of Guicheng business care association every time and gave advice for the development of the association. Previously, he took time out of his busy schedule to help the poor in Luoding, which is admirable—— Guohuazhong, President of Guicheng business Care Association

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